The Crimson Room: Walk-through

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You pick up :
2 rings: 1 falls from the curtain (keep opening and closing it), 1 ring is on the bowl next to the stereo
2 keys (gold and silver): 1 key is on the window, 1 under the pillow
CD Case: In the drawer, you don't need it
Note: In the drawer, you don't need it, except it points to a webpage that's supposed to hint a secret code for later on.
Power-Chord: Use the keys to open the drawer
Mystery Box: Use the other key to open the drawer
Ordinary Key: Plug the power chord into CD player and open the cd slot, there is another key
Metal Rod: Lift the pillow and on the bed, there is a metal rod
Battery: On the far side of the bed
Cassete: Below the desk which supports the CD player
Fit the rings & metal rod on the mystery box.
Open mystery box, fit in cassette player and battery, play the movie
The dancing man points to a spot on the screen. Mouse click that point. [Wait till the movie stops playing before you click!]
Open the rectangular slot. The code in the past could be found at this special page that is now offline which is on the note you found earlier. However since most of those sites don't work, the code is probably '1994'.
You get a screw driver in the safe
Use the screw driver to crack the door and go out.

I did not type the original solution, but because the original source kept it spoiler safe, I decided it was time for a website that everyone can read and not just unix people, plus add some screenshots. If you think that spoils it for you then shouldn't be looking at this site, which makes me wonder how you got here in the first place.
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